Friday, July 27, 2007

12 days old and doing great!

Katie and Lance are pure champions! Katie gained a total of 30 Lbs during her pregnancy and has already lost 28 Lbs in just 12 days. I guess it is true that breastfeeding is the best work out you could ever get. She is Really looking good. (See the before and after pics of her feet.) This pic is of her at her baby shower only 6 days after giving birth.

Grandpa (Kent, Katie's dad) and JoJo, AKA, Katie's mom came into town for the week and just loved being with their first Grandchild. It was great having them around to share in the fun of that first week of life. We miss having them around.

Is he not the cutest little guy.

I think he has a bit of his mother in him for sure.

Papa, (Spencer's dad) and Mimi, (Spencer's mom) live a mile away and love coming to visit Lance when they can. This is Grandchild number three for them. They will hate to see him leave in two weeks to AZ.

Katie and I are moving into our new place in AZ on the tenth of AUG. What great times ahead. We are excited for this new chapter in our lives.


Abi said...

Wow Katie that is amazing how much you have lost. I had to work hard to lose my weight! Congrats again. Happy B-day Spencer!!
Hope all is going well with the new baby and the move coming up.

Nicole said...

congratulations on the baby! and wow, katie, i can't believe you lost so much weight so fast. how fun for you guys!

Vic and Lindsay said...

Katie I knew you would bounce right back!! he is too cute can't wait to see him!!

Natalie said...

Kates - WOW! That is some speedy weight loss! Only you could do it! Oh my gosh, i am in love with your little boy! I can't wait to see him!

Suzi said...

Nursing is the best weight loss, it worked well for me too. You look so cute as always and so is your little guy! Keep us posted on your move!