Monday, April 18, 2011


We were able to go to Deer Valley and ski with the Taggart Fam!  All I have to say is Watch Out - those Taggart's are AMAZING skiers!  Such a wonderful, fun day! 

Taggart Boys!

Spence taking a cliff jump!

Me and Sam taking a breather!

The whole crew!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Zoo!

This is the first time I have taken Tallie to zoo where she could walk, and she was in Heaven!  Running from animal to animal, and keeping up with the big kids, it was so fun! 

Home Depot Kids Camp!

The first Saturday of every month Home Depot hosts a 'kids camp' where kids can come and make a wood craft.  They have several different option to choose from and then once they complete their craft they get a little pin to put on their apron.  We have gone the last two months and it has been a blast! 

Daddy and Lance hard at building a race car!

Tallie wanting to get in on the action!

Well duh, of course we need to accessorize with her orange apron! 

Love how happy my little Tootles is! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The 12 Dates of Christmas!

For Christmas, Spence and I decided to give each other the "12 dates of Christmas."  We each took 6 months and planned surprise dates for those months. 

For January, we went to a cooking class at Gigi's.  It was really fun.  We made the most delicious meal, and then we ate it with our new friends. 

Our little group was in charge of the fingerling potatoes, asparagas, and the scallops! 

February we went to Disney World!  Ok, so we were already there, but that vacation counted as our February date!

March we went a little overboard!  My mom does bingo every year on Christmas Eve, and this year we won a gift certificate to Flying Sumo in Park City!  OH MY GOODNESS =  SO YUMMY!  Seriously, a month later, and I am still salivating when I think of it!  We combined this dinner with a concert - Lady Gaga!  Yeah, judge if you want!  It was a bit risque and we were probably the most conservatively dressed people there, but we had a lot of fun.  She has an awesome voice, she was quite entertaining, the sound system was incredible, great seats, and overall I thought it was a wonderful evening! 

When we first arrived at the concert, we decided to go walk around and do some people watching!  Very entertaining...

And above are some videos from the Gaga concert if you are interested in a getting a taste of what it was like! 

3 days later, we hit up the Bon Jovi concert!  All decked in my black to represent ROCK! 

Bon Jovi is a legend, and totally proves why he is still around 27 years later.  The place was sold out, the fans were crazy over him, and it was a blast! 


So check it out, we are just chilling in our seats, listening to the concert when all of a sudden I look behind me and there is a man sleeping... Yes, SLEEPING during Bon Jovi!  Spence and I could not stop laughing, and he had to grab a picture of it!  We were dying! But no worries, we didn't let him sleep for long, the flash on our phone, totally woke him up!  Oh, but such a funny memory and I still giggle when thinking about it! 

So far, we have had some great dates, looking forward to more fun ones to come!  And seriously, such a great Christmas gift idea.  Forces us to plan dates in advance, and to get creative when planning them! 

Guess who's home?

Speen's brother Sam got back from his mission to Argentina mid-March!  It has been a blast to have him home.  He is the same old Sam - totally cute and fun!  Welcome home Elder Taggart! 

Everyone getting their signs ready for Sam's arrival! 

We waited, and waited and waited....

And finally he came!  True Story:  While we were waiting, Jane (Spence's mom) said "guarantee he comes down wearing a hat and glasses!"  Boy does she know her son!

First hug went to sister Soph!

Then to mom

Now it was dad's turn

And nana

Lance wanted to make sure he saw his sign!

And he loved it!

Meeting Tootles for the first time

Lance got a little sick of the crowds!

And of course the fam!