Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Speen!

Spence turned 32 while we were in Arizona.  We drove up and spent the day in Sedona.  It was beautiful!  

We went on a little hike.  It was super hot! 

Beautiful scenery! 

I say a little hike cause in about a span of 15 minutes or less the sky went from blue skies and sunny to total monsoon.  Like 100 degrees down to 68! 
Here is the storm rolling in! 

We drove up the mountain and literally watched the storm roll in and cover the entire valley.  If you look closely you can see it rolling in on the right! 

After that excitement, we found an awesome Mexican joint and enjoyed some delicious fish tacos! 

Spence got the total birthday royal treatment! 

Peace out Sendona!  Super fun day! 

We left Sedona late in the afternoon and drove to Mesa and saw Spencer's cousins new house.  They just barely moved to Arizona a few weeks before.  We LOVE these guys! They treated us to an incredible sushi dinner for Speen's birthday and we sat and chatted with them for hours.  Definitely one heck of an amazing day and night!  

 Happy Birthday to this amazing guy!  Love you babe!  xo 

Arizona in July!!

Spence has been working down in Arizona quite a bit, so in July the little p and I went down to visit.  

Here is a picture of Presley's first plan ride.  As always - she was amazing!  Just slept the entire time!  

 My cute friend Erika picked us up from the airport and we went straight to her house and went swimming in her unbelievable pool!  It was Presley's first time swimming!  We had such a fun evening hanging out with them, I am just sad I forgot to take any pictures!  

The rest of our getaway was spent shopping, going to Presley's first movie (Step Up Revolution), meeting up for dinner with Thunderbird friends, relaxing, and swimming, swimming, and more swimming!  

 Night swimming! 

Oh and finally, Spence and I enjoyed quite a successful trip to Last Chance.  If you don't know what Last Chance is, think Nordstrom - Nordstrom Rack - Last Chance.... For starters I got all 5 of these little kid shoes for $11 each brand new!  

Judging by the bags, Spence found success at Last Chance as well!  Happy early birthday babe, haha! 

And a cute pic of Speen and the little p on the airplane home!  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The little p is 4 months!

The little p is 4 months old!  

13 lbs (50%) 24 3/4 inches (75%)   

- grasps her hands together 
-started rolling over front to back 
-grasps for her toys on her toy mat 
-sleeps 7-8 hours, wakes up and eat, right back to sleep (a little regression on her sleep) 
-smiles and extremely happy 

The Umbrella

Like I said, Lance LOVED the umbrella he got for his birthday.  The first time it rained after his birthday, he and Tallie were so excited they got the umbrella and ran out to the rain!  

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Turtle!

First off, I am SO HAPPY that Amy Swenson moved in two doors up from me. We went to high school together and cheered together our senior year.  It has been so fun reconnecting after so many years and having friends two doors up!  

The lady in between us owns this turtle, along with a million other pets (dogs, cats, salt water fish, etc!) and the kids love visiting her pets.  One day she brought out her turtle Crush!  

The kids loved looking at him.... 

and getting him to crawl through their legs....

and finally getting up the nerve to touch him!  

Lance's Birthday Party!

Happy  5th Birthday Lance Goose!  
We were able to borrow this big bounce house for Lance's 5th birthday party and it was so much fun.  Talk about perfect birthday party - set it up in the summer with the hot sun shining, put on the hose and it become a wet and wild adventure! 

In addition to the bounce house, we had a pinata that was fun for the kids! 

Hoping someone will break the pinata!  

Cake time! 

Playing around in the bounce house! 

Opening some presents!  

Going down the slide with my kiddos! 

And finally a HUGE thanks to JT and Blake for coming over and helping take down this beast of a bounce house.  You know you have a good friend when he will come over and take down a huge bounce house minutes after returning home from a 3 day scout camp out AND while recovering from pneumonia.  

Thanks to our friends and family who came to Lance's birthday party and made his day extra special!  

Best buddies reunited!

My friend Becca and I grew up together.  We were also lucky to live minutes from each other in Arizona while both of our hubbies were in school.  Sadly, we ended up in SL and they ended up in St. George.  So, I was so happy when they came up to go to Wicked in July and needed someone to watch  their kids while they went to the play.  All of our kids are almost the same ages, and so they get along great.  We had so much fun together.  I just wish we lived closer to each other and our kids could hang out more often....  

We started the night off with some ice cream to get our energy up and flowing!  

Secondly I filled up a big tub full of water balloons and we played a game where you would have to run go get the water balloons and then run go do something with it - hit the tree, jump on the tramp, do a somersault!  Each time it popped you would have to run back and get another one, etc.  The kids were loving it!  

Ready, set, go!!! 

Grab a balloon as fast as you can.... 

Hitting the swing.... 

Back to grab another one.... and so on.... 

After that game, the kids had a blast jumping on the tramp and trying to jump onto the balloons!  

Needless to say, at the end of the night the kids were pretty tuckered out.  Spence was doing our routine with our kids and I just had to take a pic cause Becca's kids were so cute - even more obedient at listening to scriptures than our own kids!  

And finally four little monkey's cuddling in the bed!  

 Presley and Sophie (who was only a few weeks old at the time slept through all the fun and chaos so sadly no pics of them!)  We love the Bishop kids and hope to see them again soon!  xo