Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Lance!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Lance!  The big 5!  I say it every year, July 15 has got to be my favorite day of the year.  I love that is is right in the middle of summer.  The weather is perfect, it stays light for ever outside, it's just a great day and this year it was awesome as always!  

Breakfast waffles!  

The goose's birthday fell on a Sunday this year and since we had church at 9, we had a fun breakfast and Lance got to open one present - he had been wanting a watch and he was so excited about it!   

After church we let Lance open up his presents!  

The tradition of 'heavy, heavy, hang over!' 

Love this guy, can't believe he is already 5! 

Later that evening we had our immediate families over for a BBQ.  It was perfect just having one big long table for everyone to sit at and enjoy and we ate on our fun dishes.  Having a small house and an even smaller kitchen, it has been hard to do much entertaining so it was fun to be able to have everyone over for a nice dinner!  

My grandma is so cute and loves holding the little p!  Three generations right here, too bad I wasn't in the pic, and we could have had 4! 

Enjoying a delicious dinner! 

It's present time! 

Round 2 of 'heavy, heavy hang over!' 

 Lance LOVED his umbrella!  Is that hilarious? 

My mom made THE BEST chocolate cake for his birthday!  YUM! 

 Um excuse me?  How kissable are those cheeks? 

Water balloon and water gun time with Auntie Em and Uncle JT! 

All smiles on his big day! 

He even ended the day with a bulls eye!  

I am so grateful for Lance!  He is such a sweetie!  Happy Birthday big guy!  Hope you have an incredible year! 

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