Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Ever since we got married, I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride.  Well, Spence was totally anti.  He thought it sounded like the world's most boring thing to do. 

Well, you might remember, last year Speen and I did the 12 Dates of Christmas, and each took 6 months and planned dates.  Well, rewind to last December 25, we are opening the dates one at a time, and Spence is like "there better not be a hot air balloon ride in here!"  AAAHHHAHAHAHA!  C'mon it was the only way I could justify getting a balloon ride. 

So, we ended up taking our ride the end of October.  I thought it was going to be freezing, but it actually wasn't bad at all.  Probably all the flames from the balloon keep you warm! 

Here we are at the starting site getting the balloons pumped up! 

If you look closely behind Speen, you will see the balloon captain walking around inside the balloon.  That gives you perspective on just how huge these balloons are! 

Getting ready to go!  We fit 12 people in that little basket.  It was fine, but there wasn't a ton of wiggle room!

The flame is hot and going, and off we go!

It literally felt like we were floating in the air.  You can see another balloon right below us!

Beautiful view of Midway, Utah.  We were going to go to Park City but it was too windy. 

The funny thing about balloon rides is you can't control where you land, so there are trucks that follow you and pick you up where you land.  We ended up landing in this residential neighborhood!  If you look closely you can see the trucks. 

After we landed, our captain did a little toast with Orange Juice or Champagne, and did a little Hot Air Balloon prayer and we all got certificates.  It was cute. 

Well guess what!??  Spence liked it!  Thank you very much!  It wasn't much of a thrill, but it was a really neat experience to be floating up in the air like that!  Definitely a date to remember! 

Preschool Program

Lance did a great job at his preschool program this year! 

Here is Ella and Tallie waiting for the program to start.  These two little hams were wishing they were there performing as well! 

Lance in the parade with his little class!

Last year Lance barely sang, and this year he was singing loud and clear, it was so fun! 

Lance and Owen with their principal Miss Dee! 

Wheeler Farm

Was this not the best Fall ever?  We were totally able to take advantage of it, and did so many fun fun things!  One such thing was Wheeler Farm with a couple of my high school friends. 

Lance and Kameron.  They are only 2 months apart.  I love this picture cause Kameron's mom was one of my best friends growing up and she was always a head or two taller than me!  Too cute! 

Have I mentioned how much I love my friend Jessica's girls?  Seriously, the sweetest things ever.  Ella is always hugging Lance! 

Tallie feeding the duckies!

Lance trying out the tractor!

Playing in the Fall leaves!

And a group shot! 

Thanks for a fun afternoon ladies!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Leaves!

I loved the Fall this year, the weather was so pleasant and the leaves were so beautiful! 

Goofy Lance!  But he is sitting on three pumpkins we GREW in our backyard!  I was so proud! 

We live right by a gully and they had some beautiful leaves so we went over after church one Sunday and took some pics! 

LOVE Utah Fall, it's just the Winter I really have a problem with! 

Little Haunts

Spencer's parents bought a pass to This is the Place park, and so we were able to take the kids up to the Little Haunts Halloween fun. 

You mention the word candy, and it bring a smile to Tallie's face! 

They had a Witch's parade, and look who is front and center, yes that be Tallie!  It is definitely different having a child that is more of a ham!

All the cousins! 

The kids were able to play games and trick or treat at the different houses. 

My little Ladybug cutie pants!

The petting zoo is always a hit!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CR2 GNO Sleepover

In Mid-October we planned a ward girls night out sleepover for anyone in my ward that wanted to come.  We went up to our friends cabin up in Woodsville.  We had a blast; eating yummy food, chatting, playing games, and of course staying up late chatting and bonding.... oh and burning Alyson and Leslie's face with my microdermabrasion! 

I love the girls in my ward and it was nice to spend an evening away from the hustle and bustle of home and with out cell phone service and just laugh and have fun! 

Here is Leslie being our designated fire builder! 

Brenda, me, Tori, and Irene!

Chatting by the fire!

Kelsie getting into the game we were playing!

We were taking a poll of how many people cuddle with their husbands all night, and it was about half and half.  Here are the cuddlers! 

And here are the non-cuddlers!

Super fun night ladies, let's do it again soon!

Gardner Village

The weather this fall was just incredible, we were able to do a lot of fun things outside including a couple visits to Gardner Village to see the Witches.  This time we went with our friends Ella and Vivi and had a blast! 

Like I said, Tallie is a ham, here she is front and center dancing to the Witch's music!