Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tallie at 2!

Tallie turned 2 on October 7!  I can't believe our little peanut is already 2! 

A little about Tallie Jo Taggart: 

Nickname:  Tootles

Loves:  "Yummies!"  Seriously, this girl is obsessed with food!  When my mom asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said "8 nummies!"  She is a great eater, and will pretty much eat anything we give her.  I would probably say her favorite food is honey. 

Stats:  If I remember correctly, she is about 20 percent for height and weight. 

Looks:  Baby chub, blonde curly hair (very thin and whispy), blue eyes!  She is very expressive with her eyes when she talks, it reminds me of my grandma! 

Favorite Show:  She does not have much of an attention span for tv or movies, but she will watch "Elmo's World" for a few minutes.

Favorite toys:  She loves to play with her fake food, and will play with her little kitchen every day for quite a while.  She will make dishes and then she will sit down at her table and pretend to eat them.  She also loves her dolls.  She will feed them and put them to bed and wrap them in blankets, it is so cute.  She has such a big imagination, and LOVES to play in the play room. 

Favorite Book:  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Favorite things to sleep with:  Alien from Toy Story and Pooh Bear which she affectionately calls "Pee Bear."

Personality:  She is so much fun to be around.  She is almost always happy, and will just start laughing for no reason.  Every where we go she says "hi" to everyone and attracts attention.  She is very outgoing and social.  She also is dramatic and will have tantrums out of the blue and if she doesn't want to go she will just sit down in the middle of the street, mall, park, etc.  When I say can you walk, she always says "no, I will run!"  She is manipulative, which is a little scary at such a young age, and is great at teasing everyone from grandparents to Lance.  She loves Lance, but also knows how to push his buttons.  She wants to be apart of everything Lance does and looks up to her big brother. 

Likes:  She loves her dance class with Miss Kim and is great at following directions and hamming it up.  She is definitely our little performer.

She is a good sleeper, although since her binky went in the garbage, naps and night time sleep are a bit less than they used to be.  She is a great climber, and is quite daring.  She is extremely independent and one of her favorite phrases is "don't help me."  She insists on doing most things herself.  She is a good talker and is getting better every day, although Spence and I understand what she is saying more than most people!  She knows all of her colors, but we are still working on the alphabet! 

Nightly tradition:  We get the kids ready for bed and brush teeth, but most nights Tallie chucks her toothbrush on the ground because we didn't put enough toothpaste on her toothbrush for her liking.  Then we go to Tallie's room and Lance and Tallie choose out a story in their kids scriptures to read about Jesus.  We end with singing a little nightly song to Tallie.  She also loves her soft pink/brown blankie.

Funny story:  So, I wanted to get rid of her binky, but wasn't quite ready cause she sleeps so great with it.  I kind of figured we would have a "bye bye binky party" like we did for Lance.  Well a couple weeks ago, she was just annoying Lance and wouldn't stop.  I kept telling her to apologize and she would stick her nose in the air, and say "no!"  I tried everything to punish her and nothing was working so finally I said if you don't say sorry to Lance I will throw your binky in the garbage.  And keep in mind she was quite attached to her binky.  Well, long story short she wouldn't say sorry so the binky went in the garbage!  That story cracks me up cause in true Tallie fashion she lost her binky because she was too stubborn! 

Tallie truly is a joy to have in our family.  She is busy, and dramatic, but also so sweet, loving and happy to have around.  We love our Tallie Jo!  Happy Birthday sweet girl!