Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Preschool Program

Lance did a great job at his preschool program this year! 

Here is Ella and Tallie waiting for the program to start.  These two little hams were wishing they were there performing as well! 

Lance in the parade with his little class!

Last year Lance barely sang, and this year he was singing loud and clear, it was so fun! 

Lance and Owen with their principal Miss Dee! 

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Paola said...

HEY! So fun to catch up :) You guys are so cute. I love stealing ideas from you. I love the 12 dates of Christmas idea! I want to do it. You know how you guys have a family motto, 'Always Become'? I remember I really liked that. So now we have a family motto too (obviously it's DIFFERENT than yours. I'm not THAT tacky!) But I am tacky enough to send you an email in a minute asking you to tell me what the 12 dates were so Jason and I have a fighting chance at pulling this thing off. Email to be sent shortly :)