Friday, July 22, 2011

Hiking the Gully!

We live right by a gully.  It's cool, we can enter the gully at one end of our neighborhood, hike through out it, and leave out of another neighbor's backyard.  It's pretty slick.  It's fun to go and hike around after dinner~ 

Here I am with Tootles all ready to head out!  

Spence getting Lance to move it!

Taking a break to throw rocks into the stream!

You can't tell by this picture, but it was a super steep and slippier slope.  Lance climbed all the way up with limited help! 

Lance was completely spent by the time we came out the other side, so this is how Speen carried the kids all the way home!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My dad's neighbors run the SLC Ragnar every year, and this year at the last minute they needed a substitute.  Enter = Spencer!  Since Speen has been training for his half marathon next month, they thought he would be the perfect person to fill in.  So with one day's notice, Spence ran the Ragnar, had a blast, and did great!

They had to wake up about 2am to head up to Logan for their early morning start time! 

Here he is hanging out with his teammates!

I think he ran 4th?  Just admit it - you love those skin tight running pants as much as I do!  LOL! 

Getting ready to start his first run!

Taking the baton from runner scott, and he's off!

Feeling good after his first run!

His car taking in some scenery!

Meeting up with most of the team at some interchange!

His night run!

Lance ran through the finish line with him!

Team Cargo Link!

Spence and my dad!

My kids eating the team's pizza!

Yay, so proud of you my lovey!

For a guy who never ran before a few months ago, he's off to a great start, way to go babe!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My little Bikers!

Pretty sure my  kids would ride their bikes all day if I would let them.  Lance has never really been into riding anything with pedals, so we decided to get him a balance bike this year, and it has been the greatest thing ever!  He has taken off.  He goes so fast, and has totally gotten the hang of balancing.

And since Tallie's legs are too short to fit the tricycle, she loves riding the scooter, and that kid is FAST!  She has no fear!  She is always going after Lance as fast as her little legs will take her! 

I am also extremely lucky that we live across the street from a huge church parking lot, that gives the kids tons of room to ride around in! 

Even if Tallie can't get over a rock or a curb, she figures out a way to maneuver it! 

And the best part of riding bikes is when dad surprises us in the parking lot of work! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 30th Kristin!

One of our dear neighborhood friends Kristin moved to Kansas this past month.  Her hubby got a new job, so they had to relocate (BOOOOOOOOO!)  But the day before they left, we had a surprise party for Kristin at our house.  It turned out to be a ton of fun, and was a great last hurrah before they took off! 

Here is the spread, I think it looked to cute, and was so yummy! 

Everyone was hiding and jumped out when Kristin arrived.  She was so shocked! 

Kristin with her party planners!  And yes, we made her wear that tacky green hat and necklace the entire night!  Bwahhahahahah! 

A picture of Speen and Blake taking it easy!  You can see how cute the decorations looked in the tree! 

Kristin blowing out her candles!  I hope she wished that they could move back to Utah soon.... hahahaha! 

I had to post this picture, cause Speen started a little random "golf bag business" this night.  He sold like 4 golf bags I think.... lol! 

The ladies! 

We love you Kristin!  We hope that you enjoy your new adventure in Kansas!   Happy 30th Birthday!

Random June Happenings!

Here are some random happenings of June!

We celebrated my mom's birthday with a sushi dinner, yum! 

Tallie and Lance ready to get their swim on! 

Lance rocked it at his Little Gym final performance!  He LOVED Little Gym this year.   I have never seen him so excited to go to anything in his life.  He did a great job, and had awesome teachers! 

We attended the Millcreek Festival this year, and they seriously went all out with tons of free activities and giveaways.  It was so fun! 

Lance and Tallie riding the train. 

Tallie participating in the fitness challenge! 

Little Cohen loving all the soccer balls!

So many blondies! 

Pony Rides!

My friends Kristy and Marti (my London ladies) were in town.  Man I WISH they lived closer.  I love you ladies, and miss you like crazy! 

Tallie at the Park!  I love how fearless this girl is! 

Tallie with her future husband, Brayden!  Yep, wouldn't mind it at all....

These two kiddos are getting to the age where they are becoming good friends and are starting to play with each other, it is so fun!  They could spend hours playing in the backyard!

I am so grateful for an awesome backyard that provides hours of entertainment!

Hope you are enjoying the summer as much as we are!