Monday, July 16, 2012


While Spence was in Montana I needed something to do with the kids, so we went up to Midway for a few days and it was perfect!  

Here is Tallie saying "hurray for Midway!" 

We went for a little walk one night and visited the horses!  

Tallie liked to throw rocks.  Look at this little girls face, she is T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

But... she's pretty cute too! 

 A quick pose by the horses! 

This little getaway was just what I needed during Spence's two back to back work trips!  Thank goodness for beautiful Midway, Utah!  

White Fish, MT

One of the teams from Spence's new company headed up to White Fish, MT (near the Canadian border) for a week of manual labor and bonding! 

They worked long hours on this house - roofing, siding, etc.  

His boss owns several hundred acres up near Glacier National Park and he needed some help on his house up there.  BUT - - - they were able to have a lot of fun too.  I mean honestly with Spence, how could you not have fun!  

Here is a view of the property! 

They went swimming in a 45 degree lake, of course Spence brought golf clubs and balls for everyone to hit, went dancing in the little town, and enjoyed several picturesque moments!

Speen on the roof waiting for the sun to set.  Spence said the sun wouldn't completely even set until 10:45 at night! 

Spence saw a Grizzly Bear 25 feet from him while out motorcycling.  Bummer he didn't have his phone with him though, so he couldn't get a picture.  He also had a blast 4-wheeling... that is until he got into an accident!  

Oh Speen, what to do with you!?!  Stitches while playing tennis, broken ribs while trimming the tree, and this while trying to jump start a motorcycle being pulled by a 4-wheeler!  At least he wears the injuries well!  

All in all Spence said it was a great week and he said that it was neat to be able to spend all that time with their team!  They are thinking about having the team go back the end of the summer with families. I hope that happens cause I would love to see Glacier National Park!  

Heavenly Afternoon!

We spent a lovely afternoon at my friends pool just our family.  Spence had been out of town all week and it was really fun to spend a few hours swimming.  Not to mention, this is the best pool on the planet!  Thanks Tates! 

Oh my little snooze.... 

Having some fun! 

Learning to swim by himself. 

Big fan of laying out while Spence plays with the kids in the pool!  

Fun with floaties!  

Goodbye dear car, you will be missed!

I was so sad in June when our car pretty much officially died!  Unfortunately for us, it died literally two days after paying $300 for a new radiator - talk about bad timing!   The engine pretty much gave out and it would have been about 3x the worth of the car to fix.  I personally wanted to fix it, but Spencer being the more practical one on the issue convinced me otherwise, so we sent it on its way to the auction. :( 

Here we are saying our final goodbyes to our dear car that served us well for 7 years.  And 7 years is pretty much a record for us since we have had 8 cars in 9 years of marriage!

Here are a few memories:  

My dad bought this car brand new in 1995
It was the car that I first learned to drive in 
I failed my driver's test in it on my 16th birthday for driving on the wrong side of the road!
Drove in it for my high school girls choice dances 
My parents drove it down to Fresno so we could buy it from them
Spence sadly rear ended two people in it, so that is it's 3rd hood (and you're wondering why it didn't last longer than 17 years...)  
I drove my first born child home from the hospital in it!  
It has been with us through moves to 4 states - UT, AZ, WA, CA
Spencer found out he had been accepted to Thunderbird while driving in it! 
It was our only car during business school 
We put quite a few miles on it, especially the 18 months Speen was commuting to Provo daily

I am sad to see it go, but am grateful for what a wonderful car it was for our family!  
Thanks for a great ride White Acura! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Little P's Blessing!

We blessed the little p on Sunday, June 2 at our ward.  We were grateful to have the love and support of so many family members!  

Spence gave a beautiful blessing!  We are so grateful to have Presley as part of our family! 

Presley with my mom and grandma! 

Presley with my brother and his wife.  See how cute they look with a baby?  Now if only they would get on the stick so my kids could have some cousins on the Thorne side.... 

Little p with the Taggart grandparents! 

Taggart guys! 

Taggart gals! 

Man I love that little smooshies!  Tallie and I both wore this same blessing dress for our blessing.  In fact, I am pretty sure that my mom wore it as well!  

And then again to our neighbors side house for a quick family photo op! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday JoJo!

We celebrated my mom's birthday on May 31 with a fun little BBQ!  

Me and my lovey! 

JT & Kelli 

My grandma and the little p! 

I sure love this little gal's smiles!  

Happy Birthday beautiful mama!  

Cute parents! 

Kelli made a Tres Leches cake that could possibly be the most delicious cake I have ever eaten! 
Yum yum! 

Oh the Tootles in all her glory! 

Helping JoJo blow out the candles! 

My poor mother's foot that she had surgery on!  Not the best part of her birthday but hopefully her foot will be better soon!