Monday, July 16, 2012

White Fish, MT

One of the teams from Spence's new company headed up to White Fish, MT (near the Canadian border) for a week of manual labor and bonding! 

They worked long hours on this house - roofing, siding, etc.  

His boss owns several hundred acres up near Glacier National Park and he needed some help on his house up there.  BUT - - - they were able to have a lot of fun too.  I mean honestly with Spence, how could you not have fun!  

Here is a view of the property! 

They went swimming in a 45 degree lake, of course Spence brought golf clubs and balls for everyone to hit, went dancing in the little town, and enjoyed several picturesque moments!

Speen on the roof waiting for the sun to set.  Spence said the sun wouldn't completely even set until 10:45 at night! 

Spence saw a Grizzly Bear 25 feet from him while out motorcycling.  Bummer he didn't have his phone with him though, so he couldn't get a picture.  He also had a blast 4-wheeling... that is until he got into an accident!  

Oh Speen, what to do with you!?!  Stitches while playing tennis, broken ribs while trimming the tree, and this while trying to jump start a motorcycle being pulled by a 4-wheeler!  At least he wears the injuries well!  

All in all Spence said it was a great week and he said that it was neat to be able to spend all that time with their team!  They are thinking about having the team go back the end of the summer with families. I hope that happens cause I would love to see Glacier National Park!  

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