Monday, July 2, 2012

Neighborhood BBQ!

We had a bunch of friends over for a BBQ the end of May!  It ended up being a really fun night with a bunch of great friends!  

Some of the kids playing in the little house! 

Tessa escaping with the chips! 

Alyson and her worst nightmare... hotdogs!  Lol!  

Now I'd say that's one cute couple! 

Lance and I roasting some dogs! 

And of course Lance loving roasting the mallows! 

And even better - eating the s'more!  

The tramp was a blast the entire night!  

Spence was the fire master of the evening! 

We also broke out the karaoke machine which was a lot of fun! 

 Cute father and daughter singing a duet! 

Tallie and Lance even got in on the action!  

Tallie and her buddy racing their bikes around the fire - yeah, probably not the smartest or safest thing to do! 

All in all a great night!  

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