Monday, April 30, 2012

He did it!!!

Lance rocked the big boy bike!  We started off with a golf club hanging off the back so Spence could easily maneuver him, and then eventually he was able to go on his own!  

He had started picking this up last Fall, but then it got cold, and so when we brought it back out in March, he was able to catch on again quickly!  

It was so fun to be able to see him take off on his own and be excited about it!  

That smile is priceless!  

Tallie is a machine on that little scooter, so trust me it is major motivation for Lance trying to beat his sister! 


So proud of you! xo 

Friday, April 27, 2012

The "Dirt Diggers!"

My friend Sarah and I were best friends growing up.  It is so fun now to have kids the same age, and see how well they all get along.  

One day we spent the entire afternoon just hanging out, exploring, riding bikes, and digging for bugs!  

Riding bikes!  And of course Tallie can keep up with all the big kids! 

Group picture, so many blondes!  

Group hug!  

And lastly, digging for the bugs.  They loved calling themselves the "Dirt Diggers!!" 

A visit to the legislature!

My mom has worked up at the legislature during their active session for the past 10 years.  We always try to go up and visit her and sit in the gallery and watch her work below.  We ended up going up the last day of the session.  When you are you up in the gallery you are supposed to be silent.  Well, we go sit down and all of a sudden Tallie yells out in full voice "Hi JoJo!"  Then when I tell her to be quiet she looks right at me and says "No Mommy!"  Oh wow - the entire legislature looks my way as Tallie is waving down to everyone!  What a character! 

We went out to lunch with my mom on her break, and Tallie was at it again, running around like a crazy person with me waddling around trying to catch her!  

Oh and what outing wouldn't be complete with out a melt down by my Tallie!  All in all it was still a fun day! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Snowman Family!

The end of February we got a little snow storm that last a day.  The snow was the perfect snow man making snow.  If you read my blog last year, you would know that Spence is quite the master snowman maker.  Well this particular day, he decided to go out and make a snowman.  Well, he got a little carried away and decided to make snowman modeled after every person in our family....


Spencer's huge snowman!  If Spence is 6 feet tall, you can imagine how tall his snowman was.

My delightful snow woman fully equipped with a huge pregnant belly!

Lance and Tallie's snowmen!  Tallie's even has a princess crown on!

The only problem with building a whole family of snow people, is that the kids are going to expect it every time, lol!  Great job dad!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lance's first sleepover!

We had cousin Allie over for a sleepover and these two had a blast!  They watched movies, ate popcorn, played and stayed up late giggling!  It was a lot of fun!  We love cousins! 

Happy Valentines Day!

We had a fun Valentine's Day! 

We went over to our friends house, had some heart pizza, and decorated some sugar cookies! 

Tallie, I don't think you put enough hearts on your cookie...

That afternoon we played outside, and went and cheered on Auntie Em (on her birthday) at her last basketball game with Cottonwood!

And we finished up the night with Cupid dropping off a little present for the kids, and then we went around and "heart-attacked" some friends and family members!  I think that may be a tradition, it was a lot of fun and the kids loved decorating the porches and then door bell ditching! 

Say ChEeSe!

33 weeks!

Here's the big belly at 33 weeks! 

Whoever invented bubbles is a GENIUS!

Aren't bubbles the best!  I think YES!

Meet the other Katie Taggart!

Have you ever googled your name on the Internet or looked up how many other people have your first name?  Well, no worries I don't have to look far to find another Katie Taggart, cause on February 10, Spencer's brother Sam married another Katie, hence, we now have two Katie Taggart's in the same family! 

At first I was like 'you gotta be kidding me,' but the problem is - she's perfect!  There isn't one thing I don't like about her, so with that said, I am happy to welcome another Katie Taggart into the family!  We love you Sam and Katie B - congrats! 

Spencer and I at the Temple!

Hanging out with our fav's Uncle Dave and Aunt Mary!

The reception was at the SL Country Club and was absolutely beautiful!  By the time we were at the reception I could barely move, I was so tired from being on my feet all day, not to mention I had Braxton Hicks pretty much the entire day non-stop, so I spent the majority of the time camped out on the couch!  But, it was still a lot of fun! 

Me and my Goose-Man!

Spencer jammed with the band a few times! 

Dancing with the cousins!

And here were some of the cute pictures they got taken before the reception started: