Friday, April 27, 2012

A visit to the legislature!

My mom has worked up at the legislature during their active session for the past 10 years.  We always try to go up and visit her and sit in the gallery and watch her work below.  We ended up going up the last day of the session.  When you are you up in the gallery you are supposed to be silent.  Well, we go sit down and all of a sudden Tallie yells out in full voice "Hi JoJo!"  Then when I tell her to be quiet she looks right at me and says "No Mommy!"  Oh wow - the entire legislature looks my way as Tallie is waving down to everyone!  What a character! 

We went out to lunch with my mom on her break, and Tallie was at it again, running around like a crazy person with me waddling around trying to catch her!  

Oh and what outing wouldn't be complete with out a melt down by my Tallie!  All in all it was still a fun day! 

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