Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Snowman Family!

The end of February we got a little snow storm that last a day.  The snow was the perfect snow man making snow.  If you read my blog last year, you would know that Spence is quite the master snowman maker.  Well this particular day, he decided to go out and make a snowman.  Well, he got a little carried away and decided to make snowman modeled after every person in our family....


Spencer's huge snowman!  If Spence is 6 feet tall, you can imagine how tall his snowman was.

My delightful snow woman fully equipped with a huge pregnant belly!

Lance and Tallie's snowmen!  Tallie's even has a princess crown on!

The only problem with building a whole family of snow people, is that the kids are going to expect it every time, lol!  Great job dad!

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