Monday, May 30, 2011

Artie's Orchard!

My grandma's brother owns on orchard down in Pleasant Grove.  So end of April, my friend Leslie and I headed down to get some pics of our kids!

It didn't quite go as I planned....

Tallie, my happy always looking good in pictures child - hated the orchard.  And I mean, couldn't stand anything about it.  She was as unhappy there as she was on the sand in Florida!  The entire time, so unfortunately no good pictures of Tallie.  But you get an idea of how beautiful the trees were! 

This is Lance and his buddy Owen!

Lance and Ella running through the Orchard!

Tallie not happy that I put her down and was attempting to get her to smile!

Lance is in the sword and gun stage right now, so he loved finding big sticks to play with!

Plenty of trees to climb!

The boys could have spent hours running through the trees and grass and sticks!

Luckily Leslie swooped in during the last minute we were there, and somehow got Tallie to smile!

It was a super fun outing!  I definitely wouldn't mind having acres and acres and acres to let the kids play in! However, minus the hundreds of bees would be ideal!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easter Day!

Easter was fabulous this year!  We woke up and Speen made us some Easter EGGS and a shake, of course!  We also had a little lesson about why the day was so special, and then attended an incredible counsins farewell. 

The kids looked so cute in their Easter outfits!

Then they got to find their baskets, which was so fun! 

I went a little over board on Lance's basket, but it was just so fun! 

After church, we had dinner at my mom's house!  Tallie was the first one up to the table to eat!  You can always count on Tallie to eat! 

My mom did an easter egg hunt in her backyard, and Speen found the gold egg! 

Just had to document JT doing the dishes!  ;) 

 My cute grandma and Tallie playing the piano! 

We ended the night by going over to Speen's side of the family and hanging out for a while, it was a wonderful Easter! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Easter Festivities

The friday before Easter we dyed Easter eggs.  We left them to dry on the table, and Tallie kept climbing up onto the table grabbing (and smashing) the eggs and yelling "EGGS!" 

Saturday morning we went to Spencer's Aunt Mary's house for a grandkid/great grandkid egg hunt.  I love Speen's uncles.  Everyone brought a million stuffed eggs, and the uncles were hiding fruit by the foots, and the entire back lawn was covered in suckers sticking out of the grass.  The kids were in Heaven! 

This is Aunt Mary reading the kids an Easter book while the eggs were being hidden.  

And let the egg hunt begin!

Lance was obsessed.  All of the other kids had given up, and Lance still wanted to keep searching for more eggs! 

Well, Lance wanted more, and boy did he get it!  On our way home from Aunt Mary's, my brother called to see if the kids wanted to come over to his house for an Easter Egg hunt! 

They found about 20 eggs in the front yard, and I thought that was great, until JT mentioned they had hid eggs in the backyard too!  I swear there were probably 80 or more eggs.  Lance had to dump his basket I think at least 4x! 

Here are the cuties that made it happen! 

Messy Tallie! 

Family pic with the loot!