Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easter Day!

Easter was fabulous this year!  We woke up and Speen made us some Easter EGGS and a shake, of course!  We also had a little lesson about why the day was so special, and then attended an incredible counsins farewell. 

The kids looked so cute in their Easter outfits!

Then they got to find their baskets, which was so fun! 

I went a little over board on Lance's basket, but it was just so fun! 

After church, we had dinner at my mom's house!  Tallie was the first one up to the table to eat!  You can always count on Tallie to eat! 

My mom did an easter egg hunt in her backyard, and Speen found the gold egg! 

Just had to document JT doing the dishes!  ;) 

 My cute grandma and Tallie playing the piano! 

We ended the night by going over to Speen's side of the family and hanging out for a while, it was a wonderful Easter! 


ashleydare said...

the kids look so cute in their Easter outfits. I love it!

Lindsay said...

So fun! Their Easter outfits are adorable!!!