Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let's be honest....

Some days I just need one of these to get me through the day!  

Having a new baby is not hard.  Having a 2 year old is hard!  Even one that is as cute as she is! 

Random May Happenings!

Silly day at Preschool! 

 Lance LOVED the magic show.  He hasn't stopped talking about magic ever since.  Why is your drink all over the counter Lance?  Magic blew bubbles in my drink and it spilt all over the table.  Where is your other shoe Lance?  Magic hid my other shoe.  Why is your shirt on backwards Lance?  Magic turned my shirt around.  Oh boy - every excuse that came of this boys mouth for days was "magic did it!"  He really, really loved that preschool magic show, lol! 

Presley at 6 weeks.  Pretty consistent at 7 hour stretches at night.  Big fan of that!   

A little tummy time! 

Bjorn'in it while mom cleans up the kitchen! 

Playdate with my friend Erika and Annie's kids.  Eloise, Presley, and Zachary! 

Hard to believe these three will all be in the same grade! 

Yummy cheeks!  And yes, they do get kissed quite a bit! 

The Hogle Zoo!  

Little P's first time to the zoo!  And yes, she slept through it! 

Lance LOVED waving to everyone! 

Daddy and Tootles getting their Tiger growls on! 

The kids riding in style on our nightly walk/ride around the neighborhood!  

We ran into some neighbors on our walk who had special lunar eclipse viewing glasses and Speen captured it quite nicely! 

Sophie's & Lindi's Baptism!

8 years ago Spencer's mom had this little cutie!  And three weeks later Spencer's sister Kelli had Lindi.  A few weeks ago we were able to attend the joint baptism for Sophie and Lindi.  What a special day!  

My kids absolutely adore Sophie, and were so excited for her baptism, and they have been talking about it ever since.  In fact, last week Tallie and I went to the vacuum store, and Tallie made sure to tell the lady at the counter that she gets to get baptized when she turns 8, it was hilarious!  

Lance and cousin Allie with Sophie!  

Sophie asked Spence to baptize her, so he has now baptized three of his siblings!   

I LOVE this picture.  11 years ago, Spence and Lorin were AP's together on their mission to Guatemala.  They loved being companions and baptized a bunch of people together.  Who would have thought 11 years ago, that Lorin would be married to Spencer's sister and that they would be baptizing their sister/daughter together?  What a special picture and moment for the two of them!  I am sure this is the most special baptism they have done together!  

Sohpie and Lindi looking beautiful in their special dresses! 

Here is Tootle's hanging out with some of the cousins!  

She's a big girl now!!!

In January I put a potty chart on the fridge and a Rapunzel doll on top of the fridge and told Tallie she could have it once she filled out her potty chart.  I would often ask her if she wanted to try, but didn't want to push it too hard, especially with a new baby.  

Well the beginning of May, she decided she wanted to earn her doll, and in about a week she had earned enough stickers for her doll!  Great job Tallie, she was so excited!  

Potty training Tallie was much easier than Lance, probably cause she is so independent and likes to do everything her self.  She has accidents once in a while but for the most part is pretty much potty trained. I still put on a diaper/pull up for naps (if I'm lucky enough and she takes one) and at night.   

I was telling Spence the other day, it is so great, she is only 2 1/2 and I have already packed away her mini potty and the Elmo potty.  HURRAY for only having one in diapers.  

Tallie this is one aspect of your independence that I absolutely LOVE!  You go girl!  

Spring sing 2012

Lance has his preschool Spring sing the beginning of May!  It was cute and he did a great job!  

Lance and his cute little class! 

Lance has come a long way this past year.  Last year he barely sang, and this year he was one of the loudest in his class!  

I am grateful for my parents love and support towards my kids!  

Here is my little p at 1 month old!  

Let's see what does Presley do at 1 month old... 

First and foremost... She lives up to her nickname as "The Snooze!"  

She loves to sleep, sit in her swing, and go on walks around the neighborhood in her stroller or baby bjorn!  She also loves music and seems to calm down when Lance and Tallie will sing to her "It's a Small World!"  

Monday, May 28, 2012

The backyardigans!!!

I don't know about you guys but I think this past Winter and Spring have been the most pleasant ones I have ever experienced in Utah.  We have loved being able to play outside every day!  

Tootles climbing on the big rock.  

Swinging on the swing! 

You may remember but last year in the crazy December wind storm our tramp flew over the fence into my neighbors power lines.  We were so happy to get a new tramp!  

And of course you can't jump on the tramp with out your dress ups on! 

Lance practicing his soccer moves for his game! 

Eating lunch in the sunshine!

Playing with the water table - one of our favorites! 

Finger painting and painting with celery stalks as the paint brushes!  

And this doesn't even need a caption lol! 

Playing in the sprinklers! 

Our neighbor started raising bees, here is Tallie 'fighting the bees!' No worries I told her if she fought the bees, she would lose! 

How dang cute are her jelly shoes? 

Having friends over to play outside! 

Taking a spin in the Jeep! 

The girls showing me they had finished their lunch (and veggies) and could now pick out a treat! 

Tallie sporting out her new yellow glasses!

She is obsessed with her scooter, she could ride it all day long! 

Bring on summertime baby, we can't wait!!!