Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random May Happenings!

Silly day at Preschool! 

 Lance LOVED the magic show.  He hasn't stopped talking about magic ever since.  Why is your drink all over the counter Lance?  Magic blew bubbles in my drink and it spilt all over the table.  Where is your other shoe Lance?  Magic hid my other shoe.  Why is your shirt on backwards Lance?  Magic turned my shirt around.  Oh boy - every excuse that came of this boys mouth for days was "magic did it!"  He really, really loved that preschool magic show, lol! 

Presley at 6 weeks.  Pretty consistent at 7 hour stretches at night.  Big fan of that!   

A little tummy time! 

Bjorn'in it while mom cleans up the kitchen! 

Playdate with my friend Erika and Annie's kids.  Eloise, Presley, and Zachary! 

Hard to believe these three will all be in the same grade! 

Yummy cheeks!  And yes, they do get kissed quite a bit! 

The Hogle Zoo!  

Little P's first time to the zoo!  And yes, she slept through it! 

Lance LOVED waving to everyone! 

Daddy and Tootles getting their Tiger growls on! 

The kids riding in style on our nightly walk/ride around the neighborhood!  

We ran into some neighbors on our walk who had special lunar eclipse viewing glasses and Speen captured it quite nicely! 

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