Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Presley Tikal Taggart!

The birth story... 

Based on my past pregnancy and histories, we were expecting our little peanut to arrive early.  Plus, this pregnancy I had extra amniotic fluid that causes pre-term labor.  Well, after 20 weeks of shots (to keep the baby in), and weekly visits to the doc since 30 weeks, expect our shock when I showed up to the hospital to be INDUCED at almost 39 weeks! 

My doctor was on call the weekend of the 23rd, and so he told me to choose what day I wanted to be induced, Saturday or Sunday.  Since Dale's funeral was on Saturday, and we were in charge of that (and my doc was speaking at it), I opted for Sunday.  

Sunday morning we got a call from the hospital saying to come in.  We arrived around 7:30 and to our shock the entire maternity ward at IMC was EMPTY!  Yes, you heard me right.  We were THE ONLY people there.  It hadn't been that slow since the hospital opened.  There was one girl who had just delivered and I think one or two came in after me, but can you believe it.  Empty!??  All the nurses were reading books, lol!  

It was actually quite relaxing.  It was a Sunday, and the hospital was empty.  We had some missionaries come to our room and we had a sacrament with some nurses.  Spence even sang a hymn.  It was an awesome way to spend the Sabbath.  Plus, I loved that Spence wasn't on his phone or computer doing business.  We could just chat, play games, and hang out.  

So, when I first arrived at the hospital my doctor popped my water and we waited for labor to come.  He thought (like in past pregnancies) labor would come quickly.  3 hours later, we were still walking the halls, playing games, etc!  So, we tried pitocin, and in short - I dilated to a 10 in about an hour, and popped her out with 1 3/4 push!  

I used a mirror this time and it had to be THE COOLEST experience of my life.  I loved her from the minute she popped out.  She just looked perfect.  The first thing I noticed were her little chubby cheeks!  

Here is our little Presley Tikal!  7lbs 8oz and 21 inches.  

By far my biggest baby.  Lance was 5lbs 10oz, 19 inches (5 weeks early) and Tallie was 6lbs 4oz, 18.5 inches (37.5 weeks)  

It was fun to have a bigger baby.  First off, I felt a little more justified for getting so big during my pregnancy, lol, and secondly I am always a little nervous about newborns and I just felt so much more comfortable with her.  

Welcome to the world my cute little P! 

Daddy loving his new little girl! 

Group pic with my parents and Dr. T!  Another funny story, was that it was our Nurse Denise's last day of work after 12 years or so!  I kept telling her she couldn't not deliver a baby her last day!  Her shift ended at 3, and Pres was born at 3:03, so Denise was able to deliver a baby her last day!  

With Spencer's parents 

Proof that we really had trouble choosing a name, lol!  Our Anesthesiologist was awesome!  Since it was so slow (and he was probably super bored), he got on the computer in our room and we went through the census for the last year and looked up the popularity of all the names we liked! We wanted something that sounded normal but that wasn't too popular.  

She was bright eyed for quite a while after birth.  It was fun to see her eyes open, since she pretty much slept until she was 6 weeks old!  

My parents brought the kids in.  They were excited to meet the baby!  

Presley was getting her first bath when they arrived.  They washed her in our room which was fun so we could all watch! 

Me and my girls!  

First family picture of 5.  Not the best, but lets be honest the kids had been passed around to three babysitters that day and were pretty wiped!  

I couldn't get enough of this sweet thing! 

Spencer's mom came back that night with Soph and Em and a DELICIOUS dinner!  Much better than that hospital food! 

My friend Leslie also came that night! 

And so did Sam and Katie!  

The next morning my mom came back.  Isn't she the cutest grandma?  She loves my kids so much and I love that!! 

With Tallie and my grandma! 

And Abi and Ammon! 

Me with my friend Jess! 

The last night you are in the hospital they do a nice steak dinner for you and your spouse with sparkling cider.  I thought it was hilarious, but it was actually quite a good meal!  We joke around that Lindsay was our first babysitter, cause she came right as we were about to eat, and "babysat" Presley while we enjoyed our romantic dinner, lol!  

Thanks Linds!  Excellent babysitting, lol!  

What can I say - A smiler from day 1!

So in Love... 

Little P all ready to come home!  

My mom came and picked me up and on our way out I ran into my friend Elsha!  

To be completely honest, I was scared out of my mind to have a 3rd, especially since Tallie as a baby rocked my world.  And wow, Presley is a dream come true.  The sweetest baby in the whole world.  The last 7 weeks have been amazing.  Thank you for coming to our family Little P.  We love you more than words can say!  

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