Thursday, May 17, 2012

First week home!

Here are some pictures of our first week home!  

My parents loving their third grand child!  

I don't know what has come over me this time, but I am not usually a newborn baby person, and I seriously cannot get enough of her.  I could sit and snuggle the little P every day all day! 

Lance is such a great big brother.  I have come in several times to see him singing Presley a song or dancing for her or telling her a story.  He is so sweet.  

I wasn't sure how Tallie would be towards the baby, but she has been nothing but gentle and loving!  She knows that she can kiss her hands, feet or top of her head, but not her face, lol!  

3 kids... how did this happen!  It literally boggles my  mind I have three kids! 

Uncle JT and Kell Kell came to visit!  

Obviously the first week (and beyond) was filled with a lot of tiredness! 

One of my favorite cousins and I had the EXACT SAME due date this time around!  Obviously we thought I would have my baby first, but nope little Jack ended up coming two days before Presley!  I am excited to have kids days apart with cute Tenley!  They will be good buddies! 

Presley with Nana and Aunt MaryLee 

Presley and Kelsey! 

Well, I had to at least try on the St. Patty's Day outfit I bought her, even though she didn't arrive on time, lol! 

Doing what she did best the first 6 weeks - snoozing the day away!  

My dear Presley - thank you for being a dream of a baby!  It has made the transition to three that I was so nervous about much easier!  I love you little p!  

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