Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sophie's & Lindi's Baptism!

8 years ago Spencer's mom had this little cutie!  And three weeks later Spencer's sister Kelli had Lindi.  A few weeks ago we were able to attend the joint baptism for Sophie and Lindi.  What a special day!  

My kids absolutely adore Sophie, and were so excited for her baptism, and they have been talking about it ever since.  In fact, last week Tallie and I went to the vacuum store, and Tallie made sure to tell the lady at the counter that she gets to get baptized when she turns 8, it was hilarious!  

Lance and cousin Allie with Sophie!  

Sophie asked Spence to baptize her, so he has now baptized three of his siblings!   

I LOVE this picture.  11 years ago, Spence and Lorin were AP's together on their mission to Guatemala.  They loved being companions and baptized a bunch of people together.  Who would have thought 11 years ago, that Lorin would be married to Spencer's sister and that they would be baptizing their sister/daughter together?  What a special picture and moment for the two of them!  I am sure this is the most special baptism they have done together!  

Sohpie and Lindi looking beautiful in their special dresses! 

Here is Tootle's hanging out with some of the cousins!  

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