Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let the Easter Festivities begin... 

First off - dying the Easter eggs.  Of course, Tallie only wanted to dye her eggs yellow!  

Proof that Presley was there... snoozing, but still there!  

We made bunny cookies and little notes for our friends in the neighborhood! 

Pictures outside Easter morning.  

Lance and Presley 

Daddy and the kiddos! 

The three amigos! 

Looking for our hidden Easter baskets.  Lance was amazing, and actually found everyone's basket!  

I thought I had hid Lance's basket in a tough place, and he literally walked upstairs and had found it in about 15 seconds!  

Lance helping Tootles find hers! 

It probably took 30 minutes to find Spencer's, luckily Lance came to the rescue! 

Egg Hunt in the backyard! 

Me and the kiddos! 

Family Picture! 

Annual egg hunt for the kids in JT & Kelli's backyard.  Thanks guys! 

Then off to dinner at my mom's!  Little P fell asleep in my arms, oh so precious! 
And did I say fell asleep... I think she slept for 6 weeks straight, lol! 

We lost track of Tallie for literally 5 seconds and she was into my mom's mascara! 

Presley and her Easter basket from my mom - too sweet! 

Taking advantage of seeing her with her eyes open! 

And that's an Easter wrap!  Such a wonderful day! 
And most wonderful to celebrate our Savior and the gift of His Resurrection! 

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