Thursday, May 31, 2012

She's a big girl now!!!

In January I put a potty chart on the fridge and a Rapunzel doll on top of the fridge and told Tallie she could have it once she filled out her potty chart.  I would often ask her if she wanted to try, but didn't want to push it too hard, especially with a new baby.  

Well the beginning of May, she decided she wanted to earn her doll, and in about a week she had earned enough stickers for her doll!  Great job Tallie, she was so excited!  

Potty training Tallie was much easier than Lance, probably cause she is so independent and likes to do everything her self.  She has accidents once in a while but for the most part is pretty much potty trained. I still put on a diaper/pull up for naps (if I'm lucky enough and she takes one) and at night.   

I was telling Spence the other day, it is so great, she is only 2 1/2 and I have already packed away her mini potty and the Elmo potty.  HURRAY for only having one in diapers.  

Tallie this is one aspect of your independence that I absolutely LOVE!  You go girl!  

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