Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tribute to a Hero

Dale Riley McIntosh 
Loyal~Unselfish~True Friend~Protector~Hero
We love you and will miss you Dale!  

Our amazing friend from Thunderbird passed away in February.  Because his parents have both passed away and his brothers are spread out throughout the country, Spencer offered to plan a memorial service for Dale here in Salt Lake.  It was a little complicated with me being 9 months pregnant and ready to pop any day, but luckily sweet Presley decided to stay in (until the next day!) so I could attend the funeral.  Good thing she did because I read the obituary, Spencer spoke and sang Amazing Grace, and my doctor (who was Dale's singles ward Bishop) spoke as well.   The ceremony could not have been better and ended up being a beautiful tribute to Dale.  

Here are some pictures of some fun times we shared with Dale.  

Dale, Pam, Spence and I at Thunderbird graduation 

At a Thunderbird Party! 

Dale and Lance at Thunderbird - he loved Lance so much!  

Central Park in NYC 

Spencer, Dale and I shared a room in Egypt.  At the time I had a 5 month old and was still breast feeding, so I had the breast pump and all the accessories spread out all over the bathroom.  Dale was such a good sport about it .... and we were a good sport about his snoring that shook the entire room!  

Dale was so excited to ride a camel!  

Dale was our first visitor to the hospital when Tallie was born.  He stopped at the gift shop and picked out a balloon and a little outfit that said princess on it!  So thoughtful!  

And finally Dale was a true hero serving our country for many years and fighting for our freedom.  

We love you Dale! Until we meet again.  

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