Friday, May 4, 2012

Random March Happenings!

Ever wondered where you could get a 15lb ice cream cone for $1!??  Try Iceburg.  Wow! 

Cute pics after church! 

This was probably at 37 weeks!  I mean, seriously I look like a hot air balloon, my stomach jetting out a mile, wowsers!  And yes, so miserable and so uncomfortable!  

We always have a wonderful time hanging out with the Lamberts! 

How do you know you are just DONE being pregnant?  You start buying boxes of powdered donuts and double cheeseburgers from McDonald's!  Here is Tallie enjoying some of those powdered donuts!

My little Goose!  

Tallie - crazy scooter lady, obsessed with dress ups, such a ham - put it all together and this is what you get!  

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