Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a wonderful Valentines day!  

I am so in love with all my little Valentines!  

And may I just add, Lance & Tallie are crazy about the little p!  

I am so grateful for these little loves of mine! 

My cute grandma came over and brought them heart shaped cookies she had made!  She is always so thoughtful!  Love her! 

And finally, I am grateful for this snowman lovin' man of mine!  Sure do love him and his snowmen that are taller than our house! 

We ended the night and did our yearly tradition of going around and heart attacking people!  It was super fun and the kids had a blast!  

Sledding at Midway!

We headed up to Midway the beginning of February and stayed for a weekend.  On Saturday we headed out and did some sledding with the kiddos!  

Here is my little p - her first time on the sled! 

Lance having some fun! 

p wasn't loving her first time down the hill the dad! 

Here some Tootles.... 

Tootles getting some air off the jump! 

Dad and the kiddies! 

 Going off the jump! 

Someone wasn't a fan... 

Snow Angels! 

My little Angel... 

 Sisterly love! 

 Tallie got out of the shower and we were shocked at how curly her hair was.  This was all natural - no brushing or anything, straight out of the water ... so here is our own little curly sue! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

January Random!

Well sadly, this was a CONSTANT scene at our house all of January!  

Although I am not much of a yellow fan, I caved and we painted Tallie's room yellow.... her FAVORITE color!  

We got to spend time with some of our favorite friends and their little daughter Rose!  I think Rosie & Presley look so similar, and they were pretty much at the exact same level in terms of motor skills, which was fun!  

The two beautiful baldies! :)  

2 little crawlers! 

2 little girlies playing in a little house!  

Best buds! 

Tallie got a haircut and I loved how pretty her curls look!  Can I just say, I love her curls; she has the easiest, most low maintenance hair and is still looks cute!  Love it! 

Love this happy girl with her chubby cheeks and her beautiful blues!  

Made Lance pose on the porch after our trip to AZ cause I was so excited about his $12 Sperry's I got him at Last Chance!  

Presley discovers how fun it is to sit up and play with her mobile while she should be sleeping! 

Presley gets good at her little stink face!  

Tallie enjoys a field trip to the fire station with her preschool class.  

Fun fact - - - It is a lot safer to have your kids sleep with their bedroom doors closed vs opened at night! 

Thank goodness for our trip to Arizona this month.  It made my least favorite month of the year go by faster, and it got us out of Utah for most of the horrific inversion that plagued the state mid-month.  

Presley at 10 months!

Presley at 10 months!!!

Well for starters, my little p will not hold still anymore, so these monthly pics are getting tricky to take!  

She is so curious, loves crawling around, exploring her surroundings and puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!  

She does not like formula, and we are lucky if we get her to take 16-18 oz per day.  Although, in terms of food, she is a big fan!  She will eat anything and everything we will give her! 

Um, yep constantly teething!  4 teeth baby - 2 on top and 2 on bottom! 

Presley enjoyed her second trip to Arizona this past month!  She loved swimming, going to the zoo, playing at the park, played with sand for the first time and was excellent in the car.  She pretty much slept or sat there quietly and perfectly the whole drive.  Such a tender hearted, sweet, chill baby!  

Oh boy, this picture totally made me laugh.  It was so difficult to try to get a picture of her sitting still with her 10 month sticker on, so I found a stick and would tickle her with it while I stood over her trying to get hurry and take a pic.  Yeah, didn't really work, but made for a funny memory!  

Cannot believe my little p is already 10 months old!  Where has the time gone?  

Temple 5 - Mesa, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona Temple 

It was fun to take my kids back to the Mesa Temple, as that was 'our' Temple while we lived in Arizona for two years.  It is such a beautiful Temple.  I love the unique architecture.  It is one of a few temples that does not have any spires or towers.  I also love the beauty of the palm trees surrounding it.  

Fun facts about the Mesa, Arizona Temple:  

7th operating Temple 
First Temple built in Arizona 
The Mesa Temple was the first temple to offer the endowment in a language other than English (Spanish in 1945)
The architects chosen to design the Mesa Temple had recently designed the Utah capitol building 
The Mesa Temple is one of three Temples with out any towers or spires and one of six temples with out an Angel Moroni on top.  
The Mesa Temple also has more people attend this Temple every year than any other Temple in the world (not counting the Temples in Utah)  

Charles Crismon 

After we visited the Temple, we went across the street to a park with this statue of the first four pioneers that came and settled Mesa, Az.  The significance of this statue to my family, is that one of the figures featured in this statue is Charles Crismon, one of my ancestors.   He is that handsome fella carrying the rifle!  

A little history about Charles Crismon 
Joined the LDS church in 1837 
In 1838 during the Mormon exodus from Ohio to Missouri, he helped the Prophet Joseph Smith escape the mobs by hiding him in a fake wagon load of firewood and driving him to a river where the Prophet safely crossed the river.  
One of four earliest pioneers that helped settle Arizona 

Definitely a worthwhile trip to this side of Mesa!  

Temple 4 - Gilbert, AZ

The 4th Temple we visited was the Gilbert, Arizona Temple 

Gilbert, Arizona Temple 

The announcement for the Gilbert Temple was on April 26, 2008.  The joint announcement of the Gila Valley and Gilbert Arizona Temples were the first Temple announcement President Monson made after becoming president of the church.  

The groundbreaking and site dedication was on November 13, 2010

Estimated completion:  Late 2013 or early 2014

On May 15, 2012 hundreds of spectators gathered at the temple to witness the raising of the Angel Moroni.  Numerous students who attend school across the street from the Temple gathered with their families in the parking lot of the school to watch.  A group of middle school students created a spiritually poignant moment when they broke into song singing "I love to see the Temple" as Moroni began his flight.  

Temple 3 - Phoenix, Arizona

While we were in Arizona we visited the site and saw the construction on the Phoenix, Arizona Temple.  

This was really exciting for us to see because this Temple is literally 5 minutes from where we used to live.  If we wanted to attend the Temple when we lived in Glendale, we would drive to Mesa and it was at least an hour each way.  It is so awesome for this area to get a Temple.  I am so excited.  We will have to come back once it is completed.  

Phoenix, Arizona Temple 

The Temple announcement was made May 24, 2008 
Groundbreaking and site dedication June 4, 2011
Estimated completion Spring 2014

This will be the 5th Temple in Arizona
The announcement of this Temple came less than a month after the announcement of the Gila Valley and Gilbert, AZ Temples.  

Thunderbird Mountain!

Well, we couldn't take a trip out to Glendale with out hiking around our old stomping grounds, Thunderbird Mountain.  

The little p & I ready for a great hike!  

Speener & the kiddos coming up the trail! 

The Tag Team! 

I will take a moment and say this kid is a hoot!! 
Stealing mommy's hat! 

Little goofball!  

Daddy & the little peanut!  

I love this picture of Presley!  So raw and natural!  She melts my heart!