Monday, April 1, 2013


In January we got Snowmagedon!  It happened on a Friday morning, which was fun because we were able to play all weekend in the fresh fallen snow!  

Although I am definitely not a snow person, it was a beautiful sight to see!  

Speen getting a good work out in shoveling all that snow! 

Snow pics of us out in the snow Friday morning! 

The snow was about up to my arm pits! 

Alright, I guess Speen deserves a break from shoveling for a minute! 

The view out my front porch! 

Later that night we were back out for more fun in the snow action! 
Presley wasn't so sure about cold wet snow falling on her face~

The snow was a good foot to a foot in a half taller than miss Tallie Jo! 

Mimi took Tallie inside and they watched from the window! 

Outside Papa & Speen built a big snow pile and the kids had fun jumping off the table into the snow.  Here is sister Soph getting a good jump! 

Tootles having a blast! 

Lance making a snow angel! 

Cousin Ashley went all out with her Snow Angel! 

Spence & his dad - two guys who love to have fun! 

By friday night, the read on the snow was 23 inches! 

After the table jumping, we moved to the front yard, where the men built a little sledding hill with Spence thoroughly enjoying himself down the hill! 

Had a blast enjoying Snowmaggedon! 

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