Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Temple 3 - Phoenix, Arizona

While we were in Arizona we visited the site and saw the construction on the Phoenix, Arizona Temple.  

This was really exciting for us to see because this Temple is literally 5 minutes from where we used to live.  If we wanted to attend the Temple when we lived in Glendale, we would drive to Mesa and it was at least an hour each way.  It is so awesome for this area to get a Temple.  I am so excited.  We will have to come back once it is completed.  

Phoenix, Arizona Temple 

The Temple announcement was made May 24, 2008 
Groundbreaking and site dedication June 4, 2011
Estimated completion Spring 2014

This will be the 5th Temple in Arizona
The announcement of this Temple came less than a month after the announcement of the Gila Valley and Gilbert, AZ Temples.  

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