Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Temple 5 - Mesa, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona Temple 

It was fun to take my kids back to the Mesa Temple, as that was 'our' Temple while we lived in Arizona for two years.  It is such a beautiful Temple.  I love the unique architecture.  It is one of a few temples that does not have any spires or towers.  I also love the beauty of the palm trees surrounding it.  

Fun facts about the Mesa, Arizona Temple:  

7th operating Temple 
First Temple built in Arizona 
The Mesa Temple was the first temple to offer the endowment in a language other than English (Spanish in 1945)
The architects chosen to design the Mesa Temple had recently designed the Utah capitol building 
The Mesa Temple is one of three Temples with out any towers or spires and one of six temples with out an Angel Moroni on top.  
The Mesa Temple also has more people attend this Temple every year than any other Temple in the world (not counting the Temples in Utah)  

Charles Crismon 

After we visited the Temple, we went across the street to a park with this statue of the first four pioneers that came and settled Mesa, Az.  The significance of this statue to my family, is that one of the figures featured in this statue is Charles Crismon, one of my ancestors.   He is that handsome fella carrying the rifle!  

A little history about Charles Crismon 
Joined the LDS church in 1837 
In 1838 during the Mormon exodus from Ohio to Missouri, he helped the Prophet Joseph Smith escape the mobs by hiding him in a fake wagon load of firewood and driving him to a river where the Prophet safely crossed the river.  
One of four earliest pioneers that helped settle Arizona 

Definitely a worthwhile trip to this side of Mesa!  

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