Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sledding at Midway!

We headed up to Midway the beginning of February and stayed for a weekend.  On Saturday we headed out and did some sledding with the kiddos!  

Here is my little p - her first time on the sled! 

Lance having some fun! 

p wasn't loving her first time down the hill the dad! 

Here some Tootles.... 

Tootles getting some air off the jump! 

Dad and the kiddies! 

 Going off the jump! 

Someone wasn't a fan... 

Snow Angels! 

My little Angel... 

 Sisterly love! 

 Tallie got out of the shower and we were shocked at how curly her hair was.  This was all natural - no brushing or anything, straight out of the water ... so here is our own little curly sue! 

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