Wednesday, April 3, 2013

January Random!

Well sadly, this was a CONSTANT scene at our house all of January!  

Although I am not much of a yellow fan, I caved and we painted Tallie's room yellow.... her FAVORITE color!  

We got to spend time with some of our favorite friends and their little daughter Rose!  I think Rosie & Presley look so similar, and they were pretty much at the exact same level in terms of motor skills, which was fun!  

The two beautiful baldies! :)  

2 little crawlers! 

2 little girlies playing in a little house!  

Best buds! 

Tallie got a haircut and I loved how pretty her curls look!  Can I just say, I love her curls; she has the easiest, most low maintenance hair and is still looks cute!  Love it! 

Love this happy girl with her chubby cheeks and her beautiful blues!  

Made Lance pose on the porch after our trip to AZ cause I was so excited about his $12 Sperry's I got him at Last Chance!  

Presley discovers how fun it is to sit up and play with her mobile while she should be sleeping! 

Presley gets good at her little stink face!  

Tallie enjoys a field trip to the fire station with her preschool class.  

Fun fact - - - It is a lot safer to have your kids sleep with their bedroom doors closed vs opened at night! 

Thank goodness for our trip to Arizona this month.  It made my least favorite month of the year go by faster, and it got us out of Utah for most of the horrific inversion that plagued the state mid-month.  

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