Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Temple 2 - Las Vegas

On our way to Arizona, we made a slight detour to visit the Las Vegas, Nevada Temple.  

Here are some facts about the Las Vegas, Nevada Temple 

The Las Vegas Temple was the first temple build in NV. 

Natural light streams through the floor to ceiling windows in the Celestial room projecting mini rainbows on the walls. 

Following the announcement of the Temple, church members in the Temple district were asked to contribute toward construction. They enthusiastically answered the call, raising $11 million- 428 percent of their assessment.  

During the 23 day Temple open house, 297,480 visitors toured the Temple.  More than 99,000 people visited the missionary pavilion following their tour.  Missionaries reported that teaching appointments tripled in the valley as a result of the Temple opening.  

Another beautiful Temple with beautiful grounds.  So glad we stopped! 

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