Monday, November 18, 2013

Hike 6 - Spanish Fork Canyon

We were planning on hiking to the Hot Pods up Spanish Fork Canyon with our friends the Wilkinson's on the way to the Manti Pageant.  We got about half way up and had to turn around so we made it to the Manti Pageant on time, but the section we hiked was a blast!  

Spence leading the way! 

Tallie helping cute Collin along.  

It didn't take long before we saw Tallie start to do this.  In her defense, it was extremely hot - over 100 degrees, so we didn't blame the kids for being a bit sluggish! 

We made it to the bridge and the little river.  

Took this candid shot of two best buddies hiking down the trail.  

Even saw a little lizard on the way back down!  

Beautiful Spanish Fork Canyon 

Wednesday Hike 5 - Ensign Peak

Ensign Peak is the perfect quick, easy kid-friendly hike!  It's not too long, it's right in the City, and it has a beautiful view of the Salt Lake Valley.  

Lance & Owen nearing the top.  The Great Salt Lake in the background.  

The significance of Ensign Peak:  

Two days after arriving in the Salt Lake Valley, Brigham Young and seven other pioneer leaders climbed the mountain to survey the valley. From its summit they laid out in their minds the city they intended to build. A small monument now sits on the summit.

The Crew!  Love all these cute kids!  

The Tag Team 

The Walker Fam! 

The Wilkinson Fam! 

Oh my dear sweet Presley!  Life would be so much easier for you (and your knees) if you learned to walk!  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Father's Day 2013

So, I decided to do something different this year and I planned a surprise triple date for Spence, my dad and my father in law.  I planned a fun Iceberg dinner in my backyard.  When the dad's arrived they got necklaces to wear with a big hunk candy bar tied to them!  

After dinner, I handed each of them an envelope and inside were tickets to the Tim McGraw concert for that night!  10 years ago when Spence and I were first married we took our parents on a triple date to the Rod Stewart concert at Usana.  I thought it would be fun for all of us to go to another concert together.  

We "skor"ed with these "big hunks" in our lives!  

Here we are all set up and ready to go at the concert.  We had a really fun time, although - I have definitely changed in the past 10 years and would have much preferred to not be sitting on the lawn next to a bunch of drunk fraternity brothers! I told our parents, when we come again in 10 years, we will splurge and get some seats!  

Father's Day morning - after letting Spence sleep in for a while, the kids couldn't wait any longer and went and woke him up!  Spence is probably hands down the best dad in the world.  He loves being a dad and is more than willing to help with anything.  He will often be found running through the house playing hide and seek, wrestling with the kids before bed, reading, playing the wii or playing chess with Lance, holding Presley,  or making Tallie laugh.  Our kids also have a good understanding of Gospel stories and principles thanks to him.  He is such a good teacher, patriarch and husband.  We all scored the jackpot and I am really grateful for Spence!  

After church we went to my mom's for a Father's Day dinner.  
Love my little fam!  

Happy Father's Day to my dad too!  He is very smart, talented, generous and hard working.  I love our yearly ski date to Deer Valley.  It is something I look forward to all year!  Grateful for my dad and all he does for me and everyone around him.  He is also probably the most incredible gardner I know!  

After dinner we went on a hike (Donut Falls x2!) with Spencer's Dad.  
I love this picture of Spencer's parents helping our kids down to the falls.  

Spencer's dad is a man of great faith.  He is optimistic and hard working and has a lot of perservearance. There is no doubt this man has a burning testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He wakes up every Friday at 4am so he can go and work in the Salt Lake Temple.  He loves and cherishes that opportunity.  He also loves getting involved in good causes and charities.  Right now he is extremely passionate and involved with the Utah Youth Village.  It is fun to see his love for serving God and others.  I am grateful to have his example in my family's life.  

Tallie taking in the beauty all around her!  

I think it was a fact that Tallie would eat it - literally fall flat on her face every time we went on a hike!  Thanks for the lift up Papa!  

Little miss goofball!  

What a wonderful Father's Day!  So grateful to have so many good men in my life.  I'm thankful for you all!  

Monday, November 4, 2013

Bountiful, Utah LDS Temple

Bountiful Utah Temple 

Announcement:  April 6, 1991 by Ezra Taft Benson 
Decication:  January 8-14, 1995 by Howard W. Hunter 
47th operating Temple 

The Bountiful Temple sits high above the city among the foothill's of Bountiful's east bench.  The Temple offers a captivating valley view extending to the Great Salt Lake.  

8th Temple built in Utah, 1st in Davis County.  

The Bountiful Utah Temple is one of two temples dedicated by Pres. Howard W. Hunter in his brief time as President of the Church.  (The other was the Orlando, Florida Temple) 

The floor plan created for the Bountiful Temple was also adapted and used for the Mt. Timpanogos Temple as well. 

At the 28 dedicatory sessions of the Bountiful Utah Temple, 201,655 members were in attendance—the largest number of attenders at a temple dedication in the history of the Church.

We visited this Temple on a Sunday after church and apparently they lock the gate on Sunday's.  Lance & Tallie were little enough to fit through the gate, but Pres was stuck on the outside looking in! 

Beautiful Temple grounds.  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wednesday Hike 4 - Donut Falls

We decided to do the fun easy little hike to Donut Falls for our 4th Wednesday hike.  It was really fun! There was no complaining from the kids.... 

When Tallie tired out, little Tessa helped her along with a hand!  

Posing in the beautiful forest with Vivi! 

 The Girls! 

Another moose sighting!  

We rewarded the kids with powdered donuts when they arrived at the end!  

Looks like Jess enjoyed the powdered donuts too!  ;) 

Exploring at the end of the trail in the stream beds! 

The Ladies!  

Exploring the trees!  

Silly Tootles!  

Cute Tallie!  

The guys!  

When we arrived back to the parking lot there was a lady that hiked the trail with some young women from her ward.  They had extra donuts and so the kids enjoyed round 2!  

Oh I love these Wednesday hikes and these cute kids!  Fun times!