Monday, November 18, 2013

Hike 6 - Spanish Fork Canyon

We were planning on hiking to the Hot Pods up Spanish Fork Canyon with our friends the Wilkinson's on the way to the Manti Pageant.  We got about half way up and had to turn around so we made it to the Manti Pageant on time, but the section we hiked was a blast!  

Spence leading the way! 

Tallie helping cute Collin along.  

It didn't take long before we saw Tallie start to do this.  In her defense, it was extremely hot - over 100 degrees, so we didn't blame the kids for being a bit sluggish! 

We made it to the bridge and the little river.  

Took this candid shot of two best buddies hiking down the trail.  

Even saw a little lizard on the way back down!  

Beautiful Spanish Fork Canyon 

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