Saturday, February 15, 2014

Manti, Utah Temple

We visited the Manti, Utah Temple the end of June.  This temple is absolutely breathtaking, and I was so excited to show it to my children.  

Interesting facts about the Manti, Utah Temple 
3rd operating temple 
Announcement: June 25, 1875
Dedication: May 21-23, 1888 by Lorenzo Snow 
Rededication: June 14-16 by Gordon B. Hinckley 
Perched atop "temple hill" visitors can see the Temple from miles and miles away.  
Third temple built in Utah 
Only temple dedicated by President Lorenzo Snow 
Built on a rattlesnake infested site known as the Manti stone quarry.  
Twin self-supporting, open centered spiral staircases wind up five flights of stairs up each of the octagonal towers on the west side of the Temple.   The dramatic stairways are considered an engineering marvel for the Utah pioneers.  
Hand painted murals are found on the walls of the progressive ordinance rooms. 
There used to be an arched tunnel that cars could drive through to get from one side of the temple to the other; it has since been closed.  
The Manti temple is only one of 7 temples where patrons progress through different rooms.  
The Manti temple is only one of two temples (the SL temple being the other) where live acting is performed for the endowment.  
Lightening struck the temple in 1928 and burned for three hours before it could be extinguished.  
1985 the Manti temple was rededicated after a four year renovation project.  
Thousands of people flock to the Temple every year in June to watch the popular Mormon Miracle Pageant.  

We decided to come down in June to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant - also known as the Manti Pageant.  As we arrived we found a street vendor and got some rice.  It was enough rice to feed our and the Wilkinson's children!

Before the pageant stared, we were able to walk around the Temple grounds and see how beautiful it was.  The Temple does truly sit atop a beautiful hill and it was so neat to see it as we were miles and miles away.  

The pageant was a spectacular site. Hundreds of people dressed up and performing three intertwined gospel stories - the restoration of the gospel, the witness of the Book of Mormon and the journey of the faithful pioneers to the beautiful Sanpete Valley.  It demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ for all people.  

Wow, such a beautiful site!  

I am grateful for this beautiful house of the Lord.  

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