Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wednesday Hike 4 - Donut Falls

We decided to do the fun easy little hike to Donut Falls for our 4th Wednesday hike.  It was really fun! There was no complaining from the kids.... 

When Tallie tired out, little Tessa helped her along with a hand!  

Posing in the beautiful forest with Vivi! 

 The Girls! 

Another moose sighting!  

We rewarded the kids with powdered donuts when they arrived at the end!  

Looks like Jess enjoyed the powdered donuts too!  ;) 

Exploring at the end of the trail in the stream beds! 

The Ladies!  

Exploring the trees!  

Silly Tootles!  

Cute Tallie!  

The guys!  

When we arrived back to the parking lot there was a lady that hiked the trail with some young women from her ward.  They had extra donuts and so the kids enjoyed round 2!  

Oh I love these Wednesday hikes and these cute kids!  Fun times!  

Grandeur Peak

Our kids went to our babysitting co op and Spence and I decided to hike Grandeur Face via the face up 33rd South.  Holy moly, this hike was so incredibly hard.  It was very steep and very hot outside.  It also didn't help that I came inches from stepping on this little guy that was in the middle of the trail.  We also saw another one slithering in the bush at the very top.  It totally creeped me out! 

Two thumbs up for a beautiful hike! 

We made it!  Super fun date night! 

We were in a time crunch to go pick our kids up at the co op so we had to run all the way down!  Glad we made it down in one piece! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wednesday Hike 3 - Silver Lake with the Cousins!

 Ashley and the kids were in town for a couple weeks, so we were able to go on another little hike up to Silver Lake with the kids.  I think we set a world record for the longest trek around the lake!  

Me and my little peanut!  

We happened to be there the day they stocked the lake with fish.  It was fun to see all the fish!  

 Looking at the fish!  

Taking time to hike the crevice hill! 

Three Musketeers! 

 Beautiful day up in the mountains!  

Love my hiking buddy! 

 Driving down the mountains, I took this pic.  I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place where the mountains are a hop, skip, and a jump away!  

The Tumor....

The past year and a half I have had this little lump on the middle of my forehead.  A dermatologist said it was just an oil deposit or possibly from my pregnancy.  Well, I waited and waited and waited and it never went away.  

As you can see it is totally noticable, and started to bug the crap out of me!  

Here I am at the doctor's office ready to get it removed.  I went to a plastic surgeon and he said it was a cyst (which they just go in and pop like a zit and squeeze all the puss out of it).  He thought it would be super minor and I would be out in 15 minutes.  

 Well, 50 minutes later.... It turned out it was not a cyst.  It was a tumor.  When you cut into the face, it bleeds A LOT!  He had to use two med students who were observing to help him cauterize the blood and get the tumor out.  It was very difficult to get the tumor out because he didn't want to make a huge incision on the middle of my forehead.  But let's be honest - a little scar is a lot better than that huge lump!  

 Luckily, the labwork came back and it wasn't cancerous! 

I had a party to go to that night.  Should I cover it with a hat?!  I ended up just putting a bandana over it like a headband.  I wear my hear like that often, so no one even noticed!  

My battle wound.  It was pretty wide and deep so that stitches didn't hold that well, so unfortunately I do have a scar in the middle of my forehead.  Oh well - like I said, that's better than a big lump!  

Cutest Shower Ever!

My Aunt Kaye Anne threw the cutest baby shower for my cousins Scotty's wife Jayne.  I loved it so much I had to take pictures so I could remember how creative it was.  

We got a library book slip in the mail with the shower information on it.  It also said instead of bringing a card with your present, bring your favorite  book.  

Here was the spread.  All the food coordinated with kids books!  

If you give a Mouse a cookie - chocolate chip cookies! 

Pinkalicious - pink cupcakes!

Green Eggs & Ham - green deviled eggs & ham sandwiches! 

The Little Engine that Could - A little train decoration on the food table! 

Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish - swedish fish 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - a bowl of mixed fruit! 

The Favors - a sack of gummy worm aka "book worms!" 

She also had classic books all over the room and a cute flag banner made from pages from an old book!  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Babysitting Co op!

It was mine & Spencer's turn to take the babysitting co op!  We decided to do a campfire outside and let the kids roast hot dog and smore's.  Its popsicle time!  

These cute girls are the same age and get along great!  Anna, Tallie & Lucy! 

Lance, Sam, & Bjorn are also the same ages too!  

We also had fun painting our fingers and toes bright pink!  

I love the babysitting co op for many reasons.  It is so nice to be able to get two free nights out in exchange for an easy night watching all these cuties!  

Wednesday Hike 2 - Albion Basin

Our 2nd Wednesday hike was up to Alta Ski Resort.  We had a couple new families join us this week - the Lamberts, Ferguson's, and my cute cousin Ashley and her kids.  

James, Ella, Dylan, Vivian, & Tallie!  

Our first moose sighting of the season! 

The cute Ferguson Family! 

Exploring the Albion Basin! 

Ashley, Me, Jessica, & Lindsay! 

Wahoo!  We LOVE hiking!  

Ashley and her boys James & Dylan!  Wish they they didn't live so far away in NY!