Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Tumor....

The past year and a half I have had this little lump on the middle of my forehead.  A dermatologist said it was just an oil deposit or possibly from my pregnancy.  Well, I waited and waited and waited and it never went away.  

As you can see it is totally noticable, and started to bug the crap out of me!  

Here I am at the doctor's office ready to get it removed.  I went to a plastic surgeon and he said it was a cyst (which they just go in and pop like a zit and squeeze all the puss out of it).  He thought it would be super minor and I would be out in 15 minutes.  

 Well, 50 minutes later.... It turned out it was not a cyst.  It was a tumor.  When you cut into the face, it bleeds A LOT!  He had to use two med students who were observing to help him cauterize the blood and get the tumor out.  It was very difficult to get the tumor out because he didn't want to make a huge incision on the middle of my forehead.  But let's be honest - a little scar is a lot better than that huge lump!  

 Luckily, the labwork came back and it wasn't cancerous! 

I had a party to go to that night.  Should I cover it with a hat?!  I ended up just putting a bandana over it like a headband.  I wear my hear like that often, so no one even noticed!  

My battle wound.  It was pretty wide and deep so that stitches didn't hold that well, so unfortunately I do have a scar in the middle of my forehead.  Oh well - like I said, that's better than a big lump!  

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