Friday, October 18, 2013

Midnight planting!

For my birthday from Spencer's parents, I asked his mom to help me landscape my front yard a little bit.   So, Jane agreed to help me spruce it up.  She has a busy schedule but was able to find some time on Friday afternoon.  

Aunt Abi came over and helped watch the kids while we got to work.  Seriously - Aunt Abi is THE BEST!  She will make the best momma this September when Aspen makes her debut!  

Nana even came over and hung out while we were working!  Presley & Nana taking a seat! 

In the middle of our planting rendevous, there was a rain storm that was followed by a beautiful rainbow!  

We even got visited by these two darlings in my neighborhood who helped watch the girls and brought them beautiful headbands!  

Because we got a bit of a late start and because there was no time to finish at a later date, Jane & Spence kept digging in the dark!  

We turned my car lights onto the grass for a little bit of working light.  That was all hunky dory until my car battery died!  At least we had Jane's car to give me a jump!  

The final product!  You may not be able to notice a difference but we added a couple trees, 7 shrubs, a couple pots out front and defined the grass line.  Thanks Jane for a wonderful birthday present!  

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