Friday, October 18, 2013

Presley, my little Sleeping Beauty!

If you know me, you know I LOVE my sleep!  And I was definitely spoiled with a good sleeper when it came to my little P!  

She was even sleeping 10 hours at 2 months.  I think because she was such a good sleeper, it made the transition to 3, that much easier.  When I switched her over to one nap, she started taking a 3-4 hour afternoon nap.  It has been absolutely amazing.  I'm so lucky.  

She loves her naps so much that quite often she would fall asleep sitting up and flop over!  

Here are some of the funny sleeping pics of my Sleeping Beauty!  

How can this be comfortable!?  

This gave me a bit of anxiety! 

I think she may want a sleep mask!  Lol! 

I always wanted a video monitor and finally splurged for my 3rd!  It was fun being able to peek at this little one while she was sleeping or playing in her bed!

Thanks for being such a great sleeper little Peanut! You definitely made the transition to 3 quite easy! Love you!  

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