Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy Mother's Day & the Saga of the Black Lacy Bra....

We had a fabulous Mother's Day!  

I bought this outfit for Tallie the year before at Swiss Days!  I was excited for her to finally be able to wear it!  

After church I said: 
"Tallie, did anyone like your outfit today?"  
"yes, everyone loved it" she replied.  

"Who told you they liked it?" I asked. 
"No one, everyone forgot to tell me!"  

This kid seriously cracks me up!  I LOVE her and her positive attitude!  I hope she never loses it!  

After church we had a fun dinner at my aunt and uncles house.  My kids having fun with their cousins!  

Cousins on a swing!  

Tallie & her buddy Ruby!  

Happy Mother's Day to my incredible mother!  She is one of the most compassionate, loving, generous, and giving people I know!  I am so grateful to have her as my mom.  And let's be honest, she is one incredible grandma too!  My kids are lucky to have her!  


Spence went shopping this year for his mother on his own.  While he was on a business trip in Arizona, he decided to buy his mom a work out outfit since she had recently gotten way into Yoga.  When he got home from Arizona and showed me what he had picked out for her my jaw about dropped to the floor when I saw this black lacey number....  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Who gets their MOM a black lacey bra for Mother's Day!?????? 

Yes... I am dead serious!  THAT is what Spencer bought his mother for Mother's Day!  I asked what the crap he was thinking, and he said that at Victoria's Secret, they told him that was the best Yoga bra they had.  I was seriously dying over this.   So, I start telling the story at my Aunt's house before we headed over to give it to Spencer's mom and my Aunt, Grandma, and Great Aunt all agreed they LOVED the bra and thought it was an incredibly thoughtful gift!  

Here is Spence all smug and proud that all the ladies thought he was a gift genius!  

Happy Mother's Day to Jane!  

Her reaction to the black, lacy bra!  

Last funny story about the black bra....  

During the middle of this whole bra saga, I had posted a pic of the whole episode on Instagram.  So the story spread a bit amongst our family and friends.  

Well fast forward to 9:15pm that night, we are laying in bed, and Spencer gets a texts from one of my best friends mom.  It says "Spence, I am in the market for a new bra.  Where can I have Warren go pick me out one?"  We nearly died! 

So, that my friends - concludes the saga of the black lacey bra!  

I am grateful to be married to such a stud.  An incredibly thoughtful stud!  Love you Speenwalter!  You definitely keep life interesting!  


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