Friday, October 18, 2013


Lance & Tallie both had incredible years of preschool.  

Lance attended Canyon Rim Academy Preschool and it was amazing.  Miss Amy & Miss Alyson were so creative and made learning so much fun!  

Lance on Cowboy Day! 

Lance on Race Day!  They gave each kid their own 'car key' (which was an actual key), drivers license with their picture on it, and a ticket that was paid off with a hug to the teacher.  Seriously, it was too cute!  

The last week of school Lance's class met up at Bob's Brain Freeze for a snow cone!  

Lance's class!  

His self portrait!  

Here is Lance in his final performance.  They invited the parents and they sang songs and each child had a little part they had to memorize and perform.  

Lance and his darling classmates!  

Lance had a blast singing the songs!  

Lance & Riley working with some props during the fish song!

Lance did a great job with his part! 

JoJo & CC came to the performance! 

We were so proud of the amazing year Lance had here!  

Miss Amy & Miss Alyson!  The best teachers around!  

Tallie also had a blast at her preschool - Guided Exploration.  One of my friends in my ward happened to own the preschool and was her teacher!  I had Tallie signed up for this school before she even moved into the neighborhood.  We lucked out with this as well. Miss Shannon is incredible!  

Here is their floor time.  They were playing some musical instruments while singing their songs! 

Tallie's favorite part of preschool was playing in the sandbox!  

Sugar cookie making time!

Miss Shannon constantly changed the color of the sand in the sandbox to keep it fun!  

Every month I had to co op in the classroom.  It was nice to be able to see how Tallie did and to see how she interacted with the other kids.  We were able to bring siblings with us when we worked in the class room.  Here is Presley getting ready for snack time!  

Another learning activity! 

Thanks for a great year Miss Shannon!

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