Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

My dad really stepped it up this year for my mom's birthday!  He rented out a private room at Market Street and invited some of her closest family and friends and surprised her with a really fun dinner.  The best part - he even flew in my Aunt from California for the surprise.  It was really, really fun because she had no clue at all!  

But before her Market Street Surprise, Spence, my brother & I filled up 60 balloons with reasons why we loved her and filled them in her kitchen to surprise her when she woke up.  Props to Spence for blowing up the majority of the balloons - you are a trooper babe!   

Here are the kids waiting for Jojo to come!  

My mom pointing the finger at my dad - she doesn't like surprises!  

My mom and her best friends - Karen, Leslie, my Aunt Christine, and Leigh!  

Presley was so cute at dinner!  

My parents and their friends!  

The other side of the party, our family, my aunt and uncle and grandma!  

I can't get enough!  

Cute parents!  

After dinner, we headed back to my parents house for cake!  

My mom enjoying her handmade jewelry from miss tootles!  

Love my mom!  

My mom's cute sister who flew in just for the big day!  So sweet!  

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