Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wednesday Hike 4 - Donut Falls

We decided to do the fun easy little hike to Donut Falls for our 4th Wednesday hike.  It was really fun! There was no complaining from the kids.... 

When Tallie tired out, little Tessa helped her along with a hand!  

Posing in the beautiful forest with Vivi! 

 The Girls! 

Another moose sighting!  

We rewarded the kids with powdered donuts when they arrived at the end!  

Looks like Jess enjoyed the powdered donuts too!  ;) 

Exploring at the end of the trail in the stream beds! 

The Ladies!  

Exploring the trees!  

Silly Tootles!  

Cute Tallie!  

The guys!  

When we arrived back to the parking lot there was a lady that hiked the trail with some young women from her ward.  They had extra donuts and so the kids enjoyed round 2!  

Oh I love these Wednesday hikes and these cute kids!  Fun times!  

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