Monday, May 28, 2012

The backyardigans!!!

I don't know about you guys but I think this past Winter and Spring have been the most pleasant ones I have ever experienced in Utah.  We have loved being able to play outside every day!  

Tootles climbing on the big rock.  

Swinging on the swing! 

You may remember but last year in the crazy December wind storm our tramp flew over the fence into my neighbors power lines.  We were so happy to get a new tramp!  

And of course you can't jump on the tramp with out your dress ups on! 

Lance practicing his soccer moves for his game! 

Eating lunch in the sunshine!

Playing with the water table - one of our favorites! 

Finger painting and painting with celery stalks as the paint brushes!  

And this doesn't even need a caption lol! 

Playing in the sprinklers! 

Our neighbor started raising bees, here is Tallie 'fighting the bees!' No worries I told her if she fought the bees, she would lose! 

How dang cute are her jelly shoes? 

Having friends over to play outside! 

Taking a spin in the Jeep! 

The girls showing me they had finished their lunch (and veggies) and could now pick out a treat! 

Tallie sporting out her new yellow glasses!

She is obsessed with her scooter, she could ride it all day long! 

Bring on summertime baby, we can't wait!!! 

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