Monday, May 28, 2012

April RaNdOm!

 Here is a glimpse of what we did in April.

The Snooze - well she snoozed! 

We did see the whites of her eyes every once in a while! 

The kids were totally in love with their little sister! 

And Presley's cheeks continued to get bigger and yummier!  

Snuggles with my little p! (If I can find room on my chair with that bear!) 

And speaking of the bear... I got home from the hospital, walked into the babies room and this bear was sitting on my chair!  A gift from my brother and his wife!  Yes, a bit obnoxious, but it was awesome.  I could not stop laughing and the kids love it!   

Watching the babe learn to focus and have tummy time! 

And lastly I turned the big 3-0!  It was pretty uneventful, but you know with a 3 week old baby, that's ok!  Plus, I may say there is no better gift I could have than this little angel!  

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