Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meet the other Katie Taggart!

Have you ever googled your name on the Internet or looked up how many other people have your first name?  Well, no worries I don't have to look far to find another Katie Taggart, cause on February 10, Spencer's brother Sam married another Katie, hence, we now have two Katie Taggart's in the same family! 

At first I was like 'you gotta be kidding me,' but the problem is - she's perfect!  There isn't one thing I don't like about her, so with that said, I am happy to welcome another Katie Taggart into the family!  We love you Sam and Katie B - congrats! 

Spencer and I at the Temple!

Hanging out with our fav's Uncle Dave and Aunt Mary!

The reception was at the SL Country Club and was absolutely beautiful!  By the time we were at the reception I could barely move, I was so tired from being on my feet all day, not to mention I had Braxton Hicks pretty much the entire day non-stop, so I spent the majority of the time camped out on the couch!  But, it was still a lot of fun! 

Me and my Goose-Man!

Spencer jammed with the band a few times! 

Dancing with the cousins!

And here were some of the cute pictures they got taken before the reception started: 

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