Monday, July 2, 2012

Biker Babes!

So, my love has recently betrayed me and gotten into biking!  The reason I say betray is because we always thought those bikers that think they own the road are nincompoops!  I mean really - you can ride in the middle of the road and pretend you are a car, but you don't have to follow the laws of the land like stop signs and traffic lights! Ugh, but now has become one of them.... hopefully not one of the dummies, but a biker nonetheless! 

The great thing about it is that now that he lives close to his work, he can ride his bike to and from work which has been awesome!  

It's fun for the kids to wait on the driveway and watch for daddy to come home!  

Here is my babe in all his biking glory!  

One hot biker!  

And here are my other biking babes... 

Tallie is so possessive over her scooter.  She freaks out if anyone else rides it, and she rides this baby at 100 mph!  Our newest goal is to get her going on the balance bike!  

Lately she has really started getting into her tricycle as well!  

 Lance has gotten quite good at his pedal bike which has been fun!  The best part is that he can now start pedaling himself!  

The biking crew! 

Me and the little p cheering on our bikers!  

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