Monday, July 16, 2012

Goodbye dear car, you will be missed!

I was so sad in June when our car pretty much officially died!  Unfortunately for us, it died literally two days after paying $300 for a new radiator - talk about bad timing!   The engine pretty much gave out and it would have been about 3x the worth of the car to fix.  I personally wanted to fix it, but Spencer being the more practical one on the issue convinced me otherwise, so we sent it on its way to the auction. :( 

Here we are saying our final goodbyes to our dear car that served us well for 7 years.  And 7 years is pretty much a record for us since we have had 8 cars in 9 years of marriage!

Here are a few memories:  

My dad bought this car brand new in 1995
It was the car that I first learned to drive in 
I failed my driver's test in it on my 16th birthday for driving on the wrong side of the road!
Drove in it for my high school girls choice dances 
My parents drove it down to Fresno so we could buy it from them
Spence sadly rear ended two people in it, so that is it's 3rd hood (and you're wondering why it didn't last longer than 17 years...)  
I drove my first born child home from the hospital in it!  
It has been with us through moves to 4 states - UT, AZ, WA, CA
Spencer found out he had been accepted to Thunderbird while driving in it! 
It was our only car during business school 
We put quite a few miles on it, especially the 18 months Speen was commuting to Provo daily

I am sad to see it go, but am grateful for what a wonderful car it was for our family!  
Thanks for a great ride White Acura! 

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