Monday, July 2, 2012

The little p is 2 months old!

May 25 the little p turned 2 months old!  

We celebrated the day by going to the doctor for her first set of immunizations!  So sad, but she did great!  

Quote of the day "The only thing wrong with Presley is that she only has a double chin, not a triple chin!" - Dr. Witt 

Stats:  11lbs 5oz (66%) 22 3/4 in (66%) head - 66% - Not very often they see a kid that is totally proportional!  

Highlights from 2 months:  

- really good eye contact 
- 8 hours at night consistently 
- first smile May 22, 2012 (and never ending smiles there after!) 
- laughed out loud for the first time on May 30 (at first I didn't think it really could be a laugh cause it was so early, but she is a constant giggler!)  
-Slept 9 hours from (11-8) for the first time on May 29, 2012
- very chill, easy going baby 
- can sleep anywhere: bed, car seat, pack n' play, crib 
- started sleeping in her own room a couple weeks before 2 months
- mom was pretty caution about taking me out to public places until I turned 2 months cause RSV was pretty rampant when I was born.   
- first public outing was on friday, may 4 - went shopping to Lulu Lemon with mom and dad, lol!  (first outing was to Lance's soccer game on april 24, 2012) 
- First trip to the library was Saturday, May 5, 2012 
- first dinner out was to Ruth's Diner with mom and dad on May 28, 2012 
-we are on no set schedule!  

LOVE LOVE LOVE this little girl!  

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