Friday, July 22, 2011

Hiking the Gully!

We live right by a gully.  It's cool, we can enter the gully at one end of our neighborhood, hike through out it, and leave out of another neighbor's backyard.  It's pretty slick.  It's fun to go and hike around after dinner~ 

Here I am with Tootles all ready to head out!  

Spence getting Lance to move it!

Taking a break to throw rocks into the stream!

You can't tell by this picture, but it was a super steep and slippier slope.  Lance climbed all the way up with limited help! 

Lance was completely spent by the time we came out the other side, so this is how Speen carried the kids all the way home!


Kristin said...

great pictures! looks like a blast!

katie m said...

Way way fun. Speen is strong- last photo- two kids on him.

You guys are a good looking bunch!xoxo

Erika Hanks said...

Awesom!!! how do you like the back pack carrier? Is it easy enough for you to hike with it or does Spence carry it most of the way? I have considered getting one...even though we rarely hike!

kalie said...

What great hiking pictures! And that backpack is the same size you are, girly! :) Tell Spencer way to go on Ragnar! There are not that many people that could just hop on a team and run.

Lindsay said...

Hi you! Love the pictures, especially the sunset one with the whole fam! You are so sweet, thanks for all your comments! I am excited to see you guys too! Come anytime, we are here pretty much always! We don't usually go too far! Sorry about all those bugs, no fun! We are all kinda going through a nasty cold around here too - not cool. But anyway, we'll see you guys sometime soon! Love ya!